Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why a blog? Why this blog? Why now?

The last thing the web needs is another blogger, right? And, worse still, another marketing blogger.

It's not that I am finally jumping on this bandwagon. It's more like I am finally driving my own wagon, after helping (read: ghost writing) plenty of blogs over the years and having internal blogs, I decided it's time.

Why is it time?

There have been a few thoughts I've kept to myself, since they'd point too much of a finger at specific people. Or at least these people would think the finger was pointed at them. Solipsism is king. (Get over yourself. Other people also have fatal flaws.)

Why should you care?

Likely you won't. But every now and then you might find yourself wondering why you've hit a wall trying to get people to understand what you think are basic marketing premises. Or you think you have a great plan and it just isn't working. And the reason or, I hope, the solution might be here for you.

What if you think I'm wrong?

Don't hold back. Post comments and share links to contradictory research. I'm not here to make friends or collect followers. It's about ideas and strategies. If you have any, post 'em. But bring your A game. There are some really smart people in my circle and some might come here to share their ideas and criticize any weak posts. (Even mine.)

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